Meet Our Donors

Making UMN Morris a Model for Living and Learning

Rick Hargrave created a scholarship at UMN Morris to help students prepare for their futures. Ideally, he hopes it will put them in a position to pay it forward for students like he did. Read More

A Gift for the Power of Place

Jacqueline Johnson

One example of our focus on the future is the UMN Morris EcoStation. Read about the vision and future commitment of former Chancellor Jaqueline Johnson to this remarkable project. Read More

A Gift for the Love of the Prairie

Ellen Ordway

Professor Emerita Ellen Ordway understood firsthand the importance of education and the environment. UMN Morris was a special place for Ellen, and she included a gift to the university in her estate plan. See how UMN Morris is honoring her memory by establishing the Dr. Ellen Ordway Treehouse. Read More

A Gift of Gratitude and Appreciation

Richard Sandberg

Richard Sandberg credits his time at UMN Morris with setting him up for success. Following a recent visit to campus, he was inspired to give back and ensure students have the same opportunities he did. Read More

A Model for Living and Learning

Wayne Barstad

Wayne Barstad and his wife, Dr. Anne Kapuscinski, are taking care of Morris' overall health. How? By making a gift that will impact the university for years to come. Read More

Schultz Gift Will Create Lasting Memorial

Phillip and Susie Schultz

To honor their late son, Scott, UMN Morris alumni Phillip Schultz and his wife, Susie, made a gift that will ensure his memory lives on and encourages rural students toward similar paths. Read More

Creating a Secure Future

Peter and Jenna Ray

Wanting to create a secure future for their son, Peter and Jenna Ray made three gifts to support their passions—including one to their alma mater. Read More

We Share a Sense of Duty

Ted Storck

"We wanted other veterans to have an opportunity to get some advanced education." —Ted Storck '54

Ted Storck '54 is, in a word, passionate. A respected veteran, an involved alumnus, and a loyal friend, Storck has long supported Morris. The former president of the West Central School of Agriculture Alumni Association Board of Directors, founder and estate gift supporter of the Theodore S. Storck Scholarship in Memory of Anthony and Thelma Storck, and present commander of VFW Post 5039 took his demonstrated commitment to the campus and community one step further when he rallied his fellow members to create the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5039 of Morris Scholarship, which is designated for area military students and family members. "We wanted other veterans to have an opportunity to get some advanced education," he says. "No one does more for veterans" than the VFW, and few have done more for Morris than Storck.

A Model For Academic Excellence

Martha and Brian Williams

Another Morris family enriched the Music Discipline on behalf of a loved one this year: Martha and Brian Williams, wife and son of the late Professor Ralph Williams, created the Ralph and Martha Williams Fund in memory of the founder of Music at Morris. Bryan has also included a gift to the Ralph and Martha Williams Fund in his estate planning. Ralph was one of Morris's original faculty members; Martha managed the campus post office and played violin in the original orchestra, while Brian played trumpet in the early days of Jazz Fest. "Our family's background is inextricably tied to the University," Brian says, and they wanted "to be sure to have a connection to UMM's present as well as its past." Music, they say, is at the heart of the campus mission. "Music enriches, entertains, [and] the Williams family is delighted to make a contribution that will help ensure UMM music keeps its exciting quality."

We Share a Sense of Pride

Daniel J. Moore

"I have no idea what Morris will need 50, 60, 70 years from now, but there's a thril in not knowing what the future holds, and I feel good about leaving a legacy that will truly outlive me. A legacy not for my lifetime, but for the next lifetime." —Daniel J. Moore '07 Read More

A Model for Beautiful, Smart Spaces

Sharon Stewart Reeves

Each of us has a story to tell: where we came from, where we're going. Morris is no exception. Thanks to Sharon Stewart Reeves '68, Morris's story will live on forever. That's because the future Sharon Stewart Reeves History and Heritage Center will carve out space for the acquisition, development, preservation, promotion, management, and administration of archives within Briggs Library. In short, it will help the campus community care for and pass on its story. "UMM was a great place to go to school, and I want to make sure that its history is not lost," says Reeves. "I hope the History Center will bring together the history and heritage of the three schools that have lived on the campus and make it available for students, faculty, and others."

A Model for Life-Changing Student Experiences

Connie Ford and Robert Power

Connie Ford and Robert Power are "sending things into the universe." It's the stage they're in these days. Inspired by the urge to redistribute their wealth-and by son Caleb's 2012 graduation from Morris-Ford and Power recently named the campus a beneficiary of their estate. Ford's profesional background in higher education has given her an appreciation for the needs of students from underrepresented groups, which is why she and Power are committed to increasing access to education. "An instituion is only as strong as the community that supports it," she says. "We need to support the things we believe in."

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