Heritage Society

How UMN Morris recognizes donors who make estate and other planned gifts

Join the President’s Club Heritage Society, and you will be among our most forward-thinking donors who have made a gift that will benefit the University beyond their lifetime. Estate and other planned gifts provide valuable support for our students, faculty, and programs, and help sustain and strengthen the University for future generations.

You can make an estate gift by including the University in your will or trust, or naming the U as a beneficiary of a retirement account. There are also planned gift options that provide income to you or others.

As with any gift, you can direct your estate or other planned gift to the campus, college or program of your choice.

If you have included UMN Morris in your plans, thank you! Please let us know what you wish to support with your gift.

UMN Morris President’s Club Heritage Society members

  • Jerome A. Anderson '66
  • Warrenn C. '73 and Jeri Anderson
  • Mercedes and William* Ballou
  • Dr. Laird Barber and Dr. Dorothy Barber in memoriam
  • James C. and Nancy W. Barbour
  • Nicole R. Barnes
  • Wayne A. Barstad and Dr. Anne R. Kapuscinski
  • Lorlee Bartos '69
  • Chancellor Michelle Behr
  • Les '59 WCSA and Bette Bensch
  • Doris L. Benson*
  • Judy Wartman Schmidt Blair '73 and Michael Blair
  • Dr. Elizabeth S. Blake
  • Sheryl D. Breen
  • Carrie Buck and Charles Semrow
  • Edward H. Buntje, Jr. '70 and Rita H. Buntje '72
  • Edward '75 and Linda Caillier
  • Debra L. Carlson
  • Nancy E. Carpenter
  • Matt and Erin Christensen
  • Julia K. Dabbs
  • Linda K. Dahlen
  • Orval T. Driggs, Jr.*
  • Dr. Kathleen Gjerdingen Ehrhardt
  • Terence D. Evavold
  • Connie J. Ford and Robert P. Power
  • George C. Fosgate and Patricia J. Fosgate, in memoriam
  • Robert P. '65 and Nancy L. Gandrud
  • Eleanor Gay*
  • James C. and Joyce R. Gay
  • John '64* and Marilyn Erickson Gilbert '67
  • Jeffrey J. Gillies
  • Van D. and Susan Gooch
  • Dr. Liselotte Gumpel*
  • James R. Hagen*
  • Richard A. Hargrave
  • Walter "Slim" Hokanson '30 WCSA*
  • Thomas '67 and Elizabeth Holthaus
  • James and Mei-Ying Hoppie
  • Lethe R. Hoxtell
  • Lyle Hoxtell
  • John Q.* and Lucy Gibbs Imholte '70
  • Sharl "Kay" Keskinen '71
  • William R. King
  • Mary Klauda
  • Eric and Karla Klinger
  • Sharon L. Kolle
  • Kenneth '65 and Kathleen Kollodge '67
  • James Kosse '87
  • Tim Kroeger
  • Michael and Rhonda Lair
  • Patrick Larson
  • James J. Lewis '70
  • Richard Linden
  • Leslie K. Lindor*
  • Tom Mahoney and Madeline Maxeiner
  • Kent W. Malcomson '78 and Nanette Bonhiver Malcomson '78
  • Nicholas J. Marcucci and Ann Schroder
  • James and Kathleen Martin
  • Mary K. Martin '75 and Dean W. Kalmoe '75*
  • S. R. Maxeiner, Jr. in memory of Patricia M. Maxeiner
  • Dillon J. McBrady '13
  • Gary McGrath '68
  • Thomas B. McRoberts '68*
  • Michael and Barbara Menzhuber
  • Kathy and Richard Moen
  • Daniel J. Moore
  • Helen Jane Morrison and Edward J. Morrison in Memoriam
  • Dik Munson and Jane Altberg
  • Jennifred G. Nellis
  • Dean Thomas Parisian '76
  • Douglas R. & Marion M. Payne
  • Julie Bergh Penk '80 and Dean Penk '79
  • Carol M. and Peter E. Person
  • Arland and Deborah Polzin
  • Peter and Jenna Reiser Ray
  • Sharon Stewart Reeves
  • Carla J. Riley
  • William M. Robb
  • Frank and Tamara Robertson
  • Glen* and Oree Robinson
  • Lyndee and Adam Salo
  • Richard L. Sandberg
  • Michael '72 and Susan Spanier Scarborough '76
  • Susan Schmidgall and Paul Steigerwald
  • Phillip A. Schultz and Virginia (Susie) Schultz
  • Nancy G. and Samuel* Schuman
  • Anthony L. Schuster
  • Loretta Seppanen
  • Deborah Sodt
  • Theodore S. Storck
  • James B. and Barbara Gunderson Stowe
  • Michael '71 and Jo Ellen Glewwe Tate '73
  • Richard '67 and Catherine R. Tate
  • James B. Togeas
  • Larry Traversie
  • John Tvedt
  • Susan Von Mosch
  • Stephen F and E Caroline Vopatek
  • Carrie Wickstrom '29 WCSA*
  • Brian R. Williams
  • David E. and Sandra B. Williams
  • Jim D. Winter '68
  • Linda Wilson
  • Susan (Schaeve) Wolf
  • Adam Yust
  • E. Dennis '69 and Susan Guter Zahrbock '71

*Deceased members

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